Locator Marketing



for Locator

In order to bind as many customers as possible to our platform within a very short time, it is essential to increase the level of awareness of the service as quickly as possible. 
Potential customers must be made aware of our product through the use of appropriate media or contacted personally by us.


Teaser movies


With today's unbeatable accessibility to the Internet, it only makes sense to promote our product over social media.
We posted pictures, videos and started a contest on our social media platforms to point people to our product.  


Social media


15 second Videos

We created a couple 15 second videos to keep our followers
entertained and motivated to create new Locations with our app.




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In order to increase our awareness, we have set ourselves the goal to cooperate with organizers and Gastronomy operators.
For example, we represented our product at a festival where people could come any time to us and charge their cell phones with our power-banks for free. In exchange for downloading our app and uploading an impression or a location.




We designed flyers to lay them out at universities, bars, clubs etc.




We also designed a billboard campaign and  had the idea to use iconic locations in the world to represent Locator in a funny way. Due to limited budget, the project wasn’t activated as a print campaign but was used via social media

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